Flatsound "A song for the soul (#41)"

Courant Mars, Flatsound (aka Mitch Welling) a mis en ligne Did everything feel beautiful when you let go of the idea of being anything at all, dixit "a short album about panic disorder and agoraphobia". Tout est dit.

Parmi les 6 titres de ce très court témoignage à fleur de peau, You were a home that i wanted to grow up in

est une petite merveille de spleen à écouter un jour de grisaille le nez collé à la fenêtre.

"You can love again, despite the things you said about caring too much for a person you thought was the most- important part of your life. but, that’s what you get for opening a closed door in hopes they’ll find love on the inside. -i’m a house with no windows, you’re the flowers on the front porch and i can’t stop. but, sometimes it scares me how much i think about going for a walk and never coming home, and how willing i am to leave everything i have- and everyone i know. and you said, “i think your eyes could use some sleep”. and i said, “i like your arms the way they -are”."

Le 30 avril 2016, par Boog


"Topittothemoon 2019"

"La mémoire est un placard à balai délabré, pitoyable et contaminé dans lequel presque tout ce qui vaut le coup de s’en souvenir, presque tout ce que nous voudrions (...)

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