Podcast Outshine Family "Podcast #10"

Parfois, il y a des personnes dont on se sent proche sans les connaître réellement, de par leur sensibilité qu’ils laissent entrevoir, leur ouverture d’esprit qu’ils revendiquent, leur vision des choses qu’on devine. Matt Nicholson en fait partie. On a dit il y a peu sur Rockit tout le bien que l’on pensait de l’album Galeria de la Luz de Outshine Family. C’est avec un grand plaisir et une certaine fierté que nous mettons en ligne ce podcast concocté par l’australien exilé, teinté d’éclectisme et de liberté. Un grand merci à Matt et à Max (du label Blackmaps ) d’avoir rendu possible la réalisation de cette sélection.

"The songs chosen for this podcast are what I consider to be classic examples of the work of each of these artists that for some reason today I’m inclined to resonate with most. They have also helped me through some rough times and brought profundity of feeling back into moments of life. Is there a common thread ? I’m not sure, I’d be interested in other’s views on that. Serious artists who I admire and respect, not afraid to tell it like it is, whether that be in the mode of serious heart wounded, balls out rock catharsis, indelible intricacies or sadness turned up to a degree it touches what is beyond mere emotion. I hope you enjoy this strange mix of musical substance. Thanks for the opportunity to put this together. Any other day it may have been full of Indian Classical, modern orchestral, experimental, noise, free jazz, blah blah blah. Never was keen on reductionist mind having to label everything. Misses the point of the music itself. The music itself."

Matt Nicholson (Outshine Family)

1 - Scott Walker - Angel Of Ashes

2 - The Drones - I am The Supercargo

3 - The Wipers - Over The Edge

4 - Magnetic Fields - The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure

5 - This Heat - A New Kind Of Water

6 - Deerhunter - Helicopter

7 - Come - German Song

8 - Talk Talk - After The Flood

9 - Tim Hecker - Hatred of Music 1

10 - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Hurricane

11 - Crooked Fingers - Under Sad Stars

12 - Small World Experience - Stray Dog

13 - The Trees Community - Psalm 42

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Outshine Family

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Outshine Family

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