Podcast The Berg Sans Nipple "Podcast #12"

Many thanks for asking us to play host selectors for rockittothemoon ! we made the selection across the atlantic, not knowing what the other one of us was going to choose, but it makes for a pretty interesting mix of what may be on the stereo any given evening at either of our places. Sinatra may be more for the car though, as Lori has a fondness for driving to Radio Nostalgie. we hope you enjoy !

Fabalahala - Alèmu Aga
Up Broadway - Moondog
It Fit When I Was A Kid - Liars
Hollywood - Cluster
Death to Feelers - Matthew Dear
Both Sides Now - Frank Sinatra
Golliwog’s Cake Walk - Claude Debussy
Sea, Sex & Sun - Serge Gainsbourg
Água Viva - Pedro Santos
Bissau - Francis Bebey
Gambang - not sure who the orchestra is but it’s from "Indonesia Music From The Nonesuch Explorer Series"
Afe Ato Yen Bio - De Frank Professionals
Seadrum - Boredoms

Le 20 juillet 2011, par Jerome

The Berg Sans Nipple

Tout le monde devrait en parler

The Berg Sans Nipple

Podcast #12

Outshine Family

Linga sarira


"Topittothemoon 2019"

"La mémoire est un placard à balai délabré, pitoyable et contaminé dans lequel presque tout ce qui vaut le coup de s’en souvenir, presque tout ce que nous voudrions (...)

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