Podcast The Holydrug Couple "Podcast #13"

Caszely, emblématique joueur chilien à moustache des années 70 qui osa dire à Pinochet d’aller se faire mettre (les répercussions furent assez terribles pour ses proches d’ailleurs), est au football, ce que The Holydrug Couple pourrait être à la musique post-moderne. Leur second album, Noctualy , dont on a causé ici, respire autant l’intégrité que la liberté de s’affranchir de toute contrainte. Une prise de contact rapide, une réponse dans la foulée et, hop, la sélection très personnelle et plutôt old school de Ives Sepulveda (moitié du duo et tête chercheuse) est dans la boite. Un grand merci à lui.

1 - Barry White and Love unlimited orchestra : "Love’s theme"

"Really a precious song by Barry White. I love the melodies and the other arrangements. Definitely gives you the sensation to be in a 70’s pool party with a lot of cocaïne."

2 - Grace Jones : "La vie en rose"

"I was chilin and drinkin some beers at friend’s house and this song started in some point. I had like a chill in my brain, I used to listen to this one a lot in my father’s car, in a "various artists" 80’s songs cassette. Great re-find."

3 - Shuggie Otis : "Aht uh my head"

"For me, one of the coolest songs ever. Very groovy and elegant too. Recorded entirely by Suggie, experimenting with synts and drum machines. I really love the arrangements in this song, they’re very intelligent."

4 - Jerry Butler : "Never give you up"

"This is the ultimate anthem of the lovers devoted to a woman."

5 - Olivia Newton John : "Hopelessly devoted to you"

"I was buying some things at the corner market and this song was playing. I must have looked very ridiculous singing it. I also think that Olivia was a real babe at that time (Grease years)."

6 - Serge Gainsbourg : "L’anamour"

"Serge Gainsbourg is definitely one of the men with more mojo in the history of music. This song makes me feel like a cool and loner french gangster."

7 - David Bowie : "Ashes to ashes"

"I really don’t know how to define the feel that this song gives to me. I think in a extraterrestrial forest with weird carnivorous plants and then in a futuristic highway with fast sports cars running through it."

8 - Errol Garner : "Misty"

"This song for me is like to be drifting away, floating in a soft and warm cloud of pleasure"

9 - Nancy Sinatra : "You only live twice"

"It’s difficult not to think in Robbie William’s song with the sampled melody. Definitely one of the most distinguished songs ever."

10 - Buddy Richard : "Cielo"

"Chilean singer from the sixties, this song is a all time hit here. And it has to come after you only live twice to close the "private detective" mood."

11 - Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti : "Baby"

"This is a Donnie and Joe Emerson song, but I definitely prefer the Ariel Pink’s version. I think is perfect to sing it to a girl that you like a lot."

12 - John Lennon : "One day (At the time) - Anthology version"

"This version really gives me chills, it’s like to be riding a horse thinking of your girl and with no destiny at all."

13 - Todd Rundgren : "We can still be friends"

" I love this song since I was a child. The first time that I heard it was the movie Dumb and Dumber. Todd Rundgren made the music of that movie also."

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The Holydrug Couple

Sun parade

The Holydrug Couple

Podcast #13

The Holydrug Couple

Sun parade

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