Podcast Kevin Morby "Podcast #14"

Son album Harlem River acheva parfaitement l’année, une petite merveille dont on ne se lasse pas à Rockittothemoon.
Le disque est une ouverture de son journal intime, un vibrant hommage à ses années qu’il passa à New-York, on vous le recommande vivement.
On le remercie mille fois pour ce podcast parfait.

"Here is a playlist I created on the current tour that I am on supporting Cate Le Bon. We listened to this while drivin from Philly to Boston in heavy snow conditions." Kevin Morby

Sweet dreams - angel Olsen
Tiniest seed - angel Olsen
The man in me - Bob Dylan
People ain’t no good - nick cave
Lurker - steve gunn
I found a reason - velvet underground
Say valley maker - smog
We may be the ones - Paul westerberg
Tar hani (my love) - bombino

Angel Olsen - I really really love Angel Olsens music. Her last record "half way home", is probably the album I’ve listened to the most in the past year. I was just turned onto her single "sweet dreams", and I love it just the same. Raw, home recorded production with her beautiful voice and lyrics. She is a rising star.

Bob Dylan - off of "new morning". Timeless song. Going to sing it at my wedding reception to my future wife if and when I ever get married.

Nick Cave - one of the crucial pieces of the puzzle that makes up his masterpiece of an album "boat mans call."

Steve gunn - love this song. I’m a huge Steve gunn fan and was going to see him play all the time in Brooklyn. I’ve seen him play "lurker" many times live before this record came out, so I was happy to find that it made it on his latest album "time off".

The velvet underground - me and my best friend sang this at my friends wedding a few years ago. Written by Lou Reed and sang by Doug Yule (save the speaking part mid song by Lou Reed). A perfect love song.

Smog - just now getting into bill Callahan/Smog, and this song was recommended to me as an entry point. Very beautiful.

Paul westerberg - I was actually a Paul westerberg before I was a replacements fan and it all started with this album. Incredible home recorded songs by Paul himself, these songs really resonate with my mid western roots, and always remind me of home.

Bombino - bombino is my favorite guitar player. I was first turned onto him after hearing the sublime frequency release of his past band, Group Inerane, and love his first album as a solo artist.


Le 28 janvier 2014, par Jerome

Kevin Morby

Folk au sommet

Kevin Morby

Podcast #14


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