Podcast Saroos "Podcast #15"

En 2010, nous étions sous le charme de Saroos (http://rockittothemoon.com/blog/art...), nouveau venu dans l’écurie Alien Transistor et sorte de super groupe associant des membres de Notwist, Lali Puna and co. Saroos continue depuis sa route et nous offre un podcast où se mêlent toutes les (vastes) influences.

Max Punktezahl

Jessy Lanza - Kathy Lee
From one of the few 2013 albums I managed to get into a little more. I like the minimalistic sound which is neither lo- nor hi-fi to me. It has a hilarious videoclip of a stepdancing guy in Montreal.

Ennio Morricone - Il Grande Silenzio OST
For many bands, Morricone has been a key inspiration and we’re no exception. Moreover, his music is a thing that all three of us can agree on equally and somehow a represents a never achievable standard. This theme is maybe lesser known but clearly from the prime of his work with beautiful song composition and arrangement / atmosphere. The movie itself is shockingly depressive with all the good people killed by the bad guys in the end...

Lee Dorsey - Riverboat
A track from the famous Allan-Toussaint-produced Album "Yes We Can", with no others than The Meters as backing band. We learned to love New Orleans Funk through Odd Nosdam who sayed "one may get around it by accident but if not, there’s no way to not like it". A slowdance song with one of the coolest basslines in the world and sexy lyrics.

Cluster - Zum Wohl
I love it when it seems you can feel the place where the music has been created whilst listening to it. For your own music that’s easy but this is from a record made long time ago and by people we clearly don’t know. Yet the sound together with the record cover gives a strong image of their mysterious studio refuge in a German forest.

Naheed Akhtar - Tha Yakeen Ke (Suraya Bhopali OST)
N.A. was a major voice of Pakistani movie industry in the 70s, as a background singer for the different actresses who lip synchronized in the acting / dancing. I got to know her from some Finders Keepers rereleases but there is a lot more great stuff of her on youtube. This one is my favourite, a sad mood combined with a strong rhythmical drive which, untypically, is barely interrupted. The choires give it a psychedelic note and I think it must have been very popular at times. I really hope this is going to be re-released in a better quality someday.

Florian Zimmer

Amanar - Tanabayoute
I guess I´ve been playing this record - at least this song - once a day over the last months. It has an irresistible groove and some ghostly drones from northern Mali. Soothing and uplifting. Not a single note too much is played on this record.

Ravi Shankar - Track 5 from … //bitte genauen Albumtitel einfügen//
While doing some internet research about Alice In Wonderland I finally stumbled upon this soundtrack, which was composed by Ravi Shankar for the BBC in 1966. Psychedelica in a very stripped down way. The song takes me to another place when I listen to it. This is ripped from dvd and i hope one day the music will be available on vinyl. Unfortunatley I don´t have a song title for this one.

Zdeněk Liška - Witches Firewall / Pearls From The Deep
The soundtrack of "Malá Mořská Víla - The Little Mermaid" was a huge influence for me while working on our last record. Wonderful electronic sounds combined with great arrangements - little interludes, each song keeping another treasure of sound to discover.

Broadcast - Snail Song IV
Pop, noise, witchcraft, soundtracks, style, evolution and these are only some little words to describe one of my favorite bands.

J Dilla - Take Notice
The way J Dilla is working with beats and samples and synths will always make me wonder and happy while listening to it.

Christoph Brandner

Cluster – In Ewigkeit
The discovery of slowness. This song could go on and on and on – it wouldn’t get on my nerves.

John Coltrane – After the Rain
One of the most haunting Jazz-Ballads ever ! Pure beauty…

Slayer – Angel of death
Before I heard Slayer I never believed that there existed a music which had more energy than free-jazz. Here is the answer.

Acid Pauli – Fuck the EU
A really good sarcastic comment on that whole NSA subject with a great sense of humor. Very well done, Martin !!!

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
One of the best electronic tracks in 2013. Nice genre-hopping !

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Podcast #15


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