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Podcast réalisé par Sleepyard. Commentaires par Oliver.
Un grand merci à eux.

1. The beginning / Sun Ra
"A nifty little opening from Sun Ra and his groundbreaking Futuristic sounds of Sun Ra"

2. Busy doing nothing / The Beach Boys
"This is one of my favorite Beach boys songs. Written by Brian Wilson for the Friends album (1968) It is so catchy and strange at the same time. A little bossanova about having not too much to do. He even gives directions to his house ! he must be bored.."

3. Pandoras golden heebies jeebies / The Association
"This underrated 60`s band had some of the greatest harmonies of its era and also had a great knack at writing pop songs. This however is not one of them. This is one of the most powerful psychedelic songs ever."

4. Inner space : sound of the deep / Sven Libaek
"Norway`s lost treasure. Not even well known here. He wrote film music in the US for Hanna-Barbara and lots of nature films."

5. Mr Songbird / The Kinks
"One of my favorite Kinks songs. It is an outtake from their masterpiece ’We are the Village Green Preservation society’. Ray Davies sounds a bit like Paul McCartney on his vocals."

6. Jungfrau - Virgo R1 / Karl Heinz Stockhausen
"When i first heard this track, i did feel a strange feeling of Deja vu. It is very lovely and melancholic with its cluckenspiel. I did get permission from the composer to do a version of this and i am hoping to do a version this year with an orchestra."

7. Mr Farmer / The Seeds
"The Seeds were such a great band. If there ever was a pre punk band, The Seeds were it. Making really cool music and grooves with their limited musical skills. Sky Saxon was a beautiful frontman who wrote quite strange lyrics at times. We are going to contribute a song to a tribute album for Sky."

8. Pick it up / Freelovebabies
"This song is by Will Caruthers former bassplayer in Spacemen 3. It really blew me away how melodic his songs are, perhaps even surpassing his former peers. This song is the most beautiful on the album. Really cool vibe and great singing."

9. Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais / Serge Gainsbourg
"We love Serge !"

10. Heimat klange / Kraftwerk
"This is one of Kraftwerks earlier songs from Ralf und Florian. I love Kraftwerk, but i prefer their earlier works. This one feature serene flute with lots of delay from Florian Schneider. They create something that has a very feeling of HOME."

11. AP special / Augustus Pablo
"AP Special is my favorite tune by Augustus Pablo. Wonderful trippy production."

12. Hungarian sketches : an evening in the village / Bela Bartok
"This is so beautiful. Cannot be described in words."

13. Big black car / Big Star
"Favorite Big star song. This is a wonderful song about escapism and Big, black car is a great metaphor for that. The track is from their best album (though it was not released before much later) Sister/lovers. The feeling is so mellow you just want to flow away with the song."

14. Then I just drifted away / Spectrum
"Sonic Boom at his best. Perfect production of a dream."

15. ’Till the following night / Screaming Lord Sutch
"Screaming Lord Sutch is the original Alice Cooper. He was singing horror rock in the early 60`s and dressed as an undertaker, scaring the teenie crowd. This song is produced by legendary producer Joe Meek. Mr Meek recorded the intro of the song on a graveyard late at night, which definitely sets the chilling tone for the song before the blood curling scream that kicks it all down with the meanest groove ever."

16. Deluxe (immer wieder) / Harmonia
"This is one of my favorite Krautrock tracks (sorry germans, you are stuck with the term). Great motorik groove and beautiful, blissed out guitar by Michael Rother."


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