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Sélection musicale et commentaires par Glen Johnson de Piano Magic.

1. Here Comes Everybody / The Wake
"One of those bands on Factory Records that were destined to be overshadowed by the bigger names but ’Here Comes Everybody’ is like an oil rainbow in a Manchester puddle on a hot Summers day. Absolute dream pop."

2. The Perfect Murder / The Glove
"Robert Smith + Steve Severin + a bag of acid = one the best, most psychedelic albums of the 80s. It’s like Alice In Wonderland done by Passolini. "

3. Passionless, Pointless / PJ Harvey & John Parish
"PJ Harvey gets better and better with time. Her last two records are simply blinding. Her emotions couldn’t be rawer if you could physically see her nerve endings."

4. Something Against You / The Pixies
"I’ve come back to The Pixies recently, particularly to tracks like this that burn your cranium. I never liked them much beyond the Surfer Rosa but their energy is absolutely undeniable."

5. Mallo Cup / The Lemonheads
"I liked The Lemonheads when they still had one foot in the US hardcore scene and one foot in this proto-"emo-core." Like Dinosaur Jr, they seemed to be in touch with their feminine side as much as with their pig."

6. Too Happy / Tracey Thorn
"This solo album by the Everything But The Girl singer touches me so deeply that I couldn’t bear to hear the more recent follow-up. It reminds me of being in love at college in the late 80’s - that first gush of desperate adoration for someone."

7. All Your Women Things / Smog
On a good day, my favourite songwriters and this, one of the simplest songs imaginable is the perfect showcase of poetry over ability. You don’t need to be a technician to make music. You just need heart.

8. Game & Performance / Deux
"Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance introduced me to this, from the excellent Bippp compilation of obscure early 80’s French synthpop. I had it on repeat for weeks but don’t really know why I find it so magical. Just the overall mood of it, I guess."

9. Here (Demo) / Vashti Bunyan
"I just love Vashti. I can’t say anymore than that."

10. Over and Over / Disco Inferno
"I hate using the term but they simply were the most under-rated group of modern times. Chronically ignored by the masses who didn’t know what was good for them. Innovative, emotional, intelligent pop music. This is the way things should’ve gone."


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Le 7 mars 2010, par Jerome

Glen Johnson

Podcast #4


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