Podcast Mia Clarke "Podcast #8"

La plupart d’entre vous le sait déjà mais si ce site porte ce nom, c’est à cause de quatre jeunes femmes britanniques (5 en fait...) responsables de 4 albums magnifiques sortis entre 2001 et 2007. Le premier s’intitule Rock it to the moon. Nous n’avons aucun mérite. Bien évidemment fan du groupe, la rédaction se devait de donner la parole à l’une de ces jeunes femmes, et c’est Mia Clarke qui s’y colle. La guitariste installée à Chicago et journaliste à ses heures (notamment pour The Wire ou Pitchfork) a sorti en 2009 Guitargument, collection de travaux à deux guitares électriques avec Andy Moor (The Ex).

"For this podcast, I wanted to compile a list of the music I’ve been listening to most over the past couple of weeks. When I fall in love with a new album, I tend to listen to it every day until I hit burn out and need to take a break. At the moment, I’m listening to the new records by Hauschka, Deerhunter and Glasser pretty much non-stop— they have been great to listen to during this beautiful Chicago autumn. I also have a handful of long-adored artists that I never go a couple of weeks without listening to, like Nina Simone, Arvo Pärt and New Order. This podcast pretty much reflects the music being played loudly in my apartment on a daily basis.

Mia Clarke."

1. Hauschka - Madeira (Foreign Landscapes)
2. Taken By Trees - To Lose Someone (East of Eden)
3. Glasser - Apply (Ring)
4. Anni Rossi - Crushing Limbs (Heavy Meadow)
5. Warpaint - Undertow (The Fool)
6. Kurt Vile - Hunchback (Childish Prodigy)
7. New Order - Leave Me Alone (Power, Corruption & Lies)
8. Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Pastel Blues)
9. Deerhunter - Desire Lanes (Halcyon Digest)
10. Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel (Alina)

Le 25 octobre 2010, par Pierre


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" Sun so bright that I’m nearly blind Cool, ’cause I’m wired and I’m out of my mind Warm as the dope running down my spine But I don’t care ’bout you, and I got (...)

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